uPVC Underground Drainage System - Eco Drain

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The PARAS Eco-Drain System is intended for carrying soil and waste from SWR Drainage System to roadside sewers.

The system is considered to be most ideal for applications, where horizontal drainage lines run on floor levels other than ground levels. This system most preferred for buildings such as hospitals, complexes etc., where hygiene is an important requirement. The system can also be used for rainwater collection and disposal, including rainwater harvesting. PARAS Eco-Drain System have been designed with a view to modern man's inclination towards health and hygiene and his aversion to filth and pollutants. Due to unpleasant nature of human waste, a drainage system should be "out of sight and out of mind". Most of the drainage systems are actually hidden from sight. It is hence important that they should be of a superior quality and should be able to function year after year without leakage or defects. PARAS Eco-Drain System emerges as the most appropriate and ideal choice of users.


  • Special HI-TECH Compound


  • 110mm
  • 160mm
  • 200mm


  • 6 mtrs.
  • 3 mtrs.


  • Brown


  • Great Flexibility
  • High Compression Strength
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High Impact Strength
  • Hygienic & Safe
  • Excellent Resistance to Corrosion and Chemical Attack.

Areas of Applications:

  • Hospitals, Complexes, Commercial Building, Residence & Industries.

Dimensions of Pipes (All dimensions are in mm)

Description Qty.
- -
Description Qty.
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  • Joint do not get affected due to soil settlements.
  • Suitable for all types of soil. No concrete bedding in required.
  • Longer lengths of pipes and hence less number of joints - simple and fast installation.
  • Trouble free long life and overall economy.