Tractor Drawn

Paras 2 bowl seed cum fertilise drill s

  • Coulters can be adjusted between 9", 12", 15" & 18" for sowing.
  • At a time, with the one pair of bullocks, seeds, fertilizer & sowing can be done.
  • Seeds & fertilizers spread over, at a time, within the distance of one inch, thus effects the immediate use of fertilizer & avoid the wastage.

Paras - Kakri

  • Useful for cultivation.
  • Entire assembly of steel hence negligible maintenance.
  • Shovel has sharp edge and hence very useful for hard & rockey land.
  • Shovel can be replaced.

Paras One Furrow - Reversible Plough

  • Paras Reversible plough is specially moulded.
  • It can be mechanically reversed on both sides for forming too separate furrows tent to each other.
  • Very Strong & Durable

Paras Two Furrow - Reversible Plough

  • Paras double furrow reversible plough is specially designed for ploughing all types of land.
  • Easily Adjustable to suit the requirement, fuel efficient due to double furrow.

Paras Leveller (Farandi)

  • Useful for leveling of hard land.
  • Operates on Hydraulic Mechanism.
  • With the help of 3 point linkage it can be used for forward or reverse direction.
  • Strong Assembly

Paras Two Furrow Surry Ridger

  • Two fold wing ridger is useful for deep marking cultivation
  • Depth is controlled by hydraulic system
  • Specially used in tomato, sugarcane farm cultivation
  • Very easy to operate & can be adjusted at different depth and width

Paras V-Pass

  • Three Point Mounting, Depth Controlled by Hydraulic Mechanism
  • Useful for sowing specially for Tomato, Sugar Cane.
  • Easy & efficient for continuous ploughing.
  • Useful for making 1.5 to 3 feet Furrow.

Paras Punji (Heavy Duty)

  • Useful for Cultivating the Land immediately after harvesting.
  • Very efficient
  • Can cultivate land upto 6 inches & helpful in removal of left over weeds.

Paras Automatic Seed cum Fertilizer Drill

  • It is usefull for sowing seeds and fertilizers simultaniously in deep soil.
  • Sturdy and durable for different types of cultivation.
  • Because of automatic operation it is easy for handling.
  • Furrow blades can be easily adjustable.
  • Usefull for 35 to 40 H.P. Tractors.

Paras Other Tractor Drawn Products

  • Paras Automatic Sowing Machine
  • Paras Three Furrow - Barpoint Plough
  • Paras Two Furrow - Barpoint Plough.
  • Paras Three Furrow Ridger.