Roof Rain water Harvesting system

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  • Field of Application
  • Features and Benefits
  • Joining Instructions

India is facing a huge water crisis due to uncertain climate change. The importance of the water has become more relevant for sustaining life particularly in the developing countries like India. The water crisis has become alarming to such an extent that under every citizen start acting towards saving & preserving the rain water. In viewing of water crisis for present & future, Paras group has developed excellent system for roof rain water collection.
i.e. Paras Rainflow Roof Water Harvesting System.

The System :
Roof Rain water harvesting system can be simply defined as the method of capturing roof rain water & drain it to suitable way for recharging the bore well or storage for reuse.

In this system roof rain water is captured by PVC half round pipes (Gutter) along with specially design, moulded Fitting. By connecting 110 mm rubber ring type, SWR Circular pipe to the outlet of half round fitting for water drain to the suitable receivers.

Unique Design of Metal Toggle Clamp

After studying the critical site & tough climatic conditions first time in India Paras group has developed unique design of metal toggle clamps with platting for holding the PVC gutter and fitting, along with specially design of rubber seal.

Metal toggle clamps have more weight carrying capacity of the installation for the long duration. Also due to strong holding capacity of metal clamp & specially design of rubber seal gives us totally leak proof joint.


  • PVC Compound Grade Equivalent to PVC 1120 / 2120


  • Gutter Size - 180mm
  • Available length - 3mtr, 5mtr, 6mtr.


  • Gray


  • Elbow 90 without Outlet
  • Running Outlet
  • Elbow 90 with Outlet
  • Stop End Outlet
  • Coupler
  • Stop End Cap
Roof Gutter

Running Outlet
Stop End Outlet
Elbow 900 Without Outlet
Elbow 900 With Outlet
Stop End Cap
Pipe Support Bracket (Plastic)
Adjustable Metal Side Rafter Bracket
Adjustable Metal Top Rafter Bracket
Metal Toggle Clamp
Spare Adjustable Plastic Support Bracket
Rubber Seal

Paras rain-flow roof water harvesting system is designed for rain water collection and drain it to used for different applications, some of them are listed below.

  • Individual houses
  • Institution & factories
  • Garden shades
  • School & government establishment
  • Apartments & commercial complexes
  • Easy to install
  • Light in weight
  • High chemical resistance
  • U.V. stabilized
  • 100% Leak Proof
  • New concept metal toggle clamps
  • Long Life
  • No Maintenance
For assembly of PVC gutter & fitting with metal toggle clamps.

Insert the Rubber Seal into the fitting groove. Ensure that 4 ribs of the rubber seal at the top side.

Lock first wall side edge of gutter with metal toggal clamp.

Locate the second metal clamp at the front side of gutter edge.

Press the front side of gutter edge & clamp till toggle cross angle of 90

Now press the toggle metal clamp by thumb.

Final 100% Leak Proof Assembly

Fixing of gutter at roof

1) Fix pipe support bracket to adjustable metal rafter bracket.

2)Adjust the first pipe support bracket as high as possible under the roof area for maintaining slop of gutter 3mm/meter for positive flow of water.

3) Maximum distance between two rafters brackets should be 1 mtr. To 1.3 mtr.

4)At Both side of every fitting always use metal rafter bracket at maximum distance of 150mm to 200mm.

5) Use PARAS SWR 110mm rubbering type