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  • Manufactured from Virgin Raw Material & special formulation with imported RM.
  • Excellent substitute for conventional steel / glass & other metal containers.
  • Air-tight / Liquid-tight Prevents food articles from getting spoiled.
  • Suitable for use in food contact.
  • Suitable for micro-wave reheating, serving & storing.
  • Better utilization of vertical space in kitchens.
  • Durable & easy to clean.
  • Buy once & enjoy recurring savings-due to elimination of food wastage.
  • Enjoy Original taste & crispiness in all seasons.
  • Available in transparent attractive colours.


  • Modern Kitchen Storage Solution
  • Micro-wave reheating & serving solution
  • Tiffin, Travelling & picnic solution
  • Each article can be used for multiple applications, Discover new application each time.

42 Pieces Microwave Dinner Set

Consists of 6 big plates, 6 quarter plates, 6 vegetable serving Bowls, 6 soup bowls, 6 soup spoons, 3 Square serving bowls with Lids, 1 Large serving bowl with lid, 1 small serving bowl with lid, 1 each Rice serving tray & spoon, 3 vegetable serving spoons & 2 Big serving spoons. Available yellow tr., pink tr., and pearl White colour. One dinner set meets all needs on dining table of Single family. Bowls suitable for reheating in microwave & Serving. Excellent gift article for important occasions.

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Bowl Range

Flat Bowl 400ml MRP Rs.80/- (Per Piece)

Medium Bowl 900ml MRP Rs.100/- (Per Piece)

Cup Shaped Bowl 450ml MRP Rs.50/- (Per Piece)

Glass Range

Classic Glass 340ml MRP Rs.45/- (Per Piece)

Deluxe Glass 340ml MRP Rs.40/- (Per Piece)

Magic Masala

Magic Masala 15 PCS MRP Rs.370/- (Per Piece)

Multiutility Pot

Multiutility Pot MRP Rs.220/- (Per Piece)

Liquid / Aqua Magic Range

LIquid Magic 1110ml MRP Rs. 125/- (Per Piece)
MIni LIquid Magic 650ml MRP Rs. 85/- (Per Piece)
Mini LIquid Magic 440ml MRP Rs. 65/- (Per Piece)

LIquid Aqua Magic 1110ml MRP Rs. 125/- (Per Piece)
MIni Aqua Magic 650ml MRP Rs. 85/- (Per Piece)
Mini Aqua Magic 440ml MRP Rs. 65/- (Per Piece)

LIquid Aqua Magic 1100ml With Bag MRP Rs. 190/- (Per Piece)

Microwave Thali / Dinner Set

Deluxe Microwave Thali MRP Rs. 60/- (Per Piece)

Microwave Dinner Set Content - 42 PCS. MRP Rs. 1800/- (Per Piece)

Container range

Round Container 1300ml MRP Rs. 100/- (Per Piece)

Deep Lunch Bowl 450ml MRP Rs. 60/- (Per Piece)
Deluxe Lunch Bowl 200ml MRP Rs. 40/- (Per Piece)

Medium Lovely 250ml MRP Rs. 40/- (Per Piece)

Small Lovely 150ml MRP Rs. 25/- (Per Piece)

Mini Lovely 90ml MRP Rs. 20/- (Per Piece)

Mini Wonder 35ml MRP Rs. 10/- (Per PIece)

Vertical Oval Container 1700ml MRP Rs. 150/- (Per Piece)

Vertical Oval Container Midi 1100ml MRP Rs. 125/- (Per Piece)

Vertical Oval Container Mini 500mlMRP Rs. 75/- (Per Piece)

Vertical Cool Container 1300ml MRP Rs. 125/- (Per Piece)

Rectangular container 750ml MRP Rs. 100/- (Per Piece)

Lunch Pack Range

Slim Lunch Box MRP Rs. 75/- (Per Piece)

Mini Lunch Pack content - Flat Bag & 2 NOs B - 205 MRP Rs. 160/- (Per Pece)

Deluxe Lunch Pack content -Round Bag With 1 No Each B 204 (S) & 1 No (B) MRP Rs. 200/- (Per Piece)

Executive Lunch Pack Content - Round Bag With 2 Nos B 204 (S) & 1 No B 204 (B) MRP RS. 205/- (Per Piece)

  • Air Tight/Liquid Tight articles - Prevents food items from getting spoiled.
  • Multiutility applications in storage, microwave re-heating, serving & carrying food.
  • Better utilization of vertical space in the kitchen.
  • Durable & Easy to clean.
  • Buy once & enjoy recurring pay back due to elimination of food wastage.
  • Enjoy original taste & crispiness in all seasons.
  • Available in attractive colours.

Vertical oval container seal

To seal - Place the projection of seal over indentation on the container & press, continue sliding thumb around seal To Open - Loosen both ends of the container & then gently remove the seal.

One Touch Seal

To seal - Place seal over container rim Press center of the seal firmly with the help of thumb. To Open - Press center of the seal & lift the seal edge & remove.

Round Seal

To Seal - Press the seal groove over container. Continue pressing around top of the edge press center of seal & lift tab slightly to remove air To Open - Hold container in your hand & slowly lifts the tap & remove the seal gently.

Rectangular Container Seal

To Seal - Place seal over the container rim press at one corner slide thumb over the edge of the seal towards opposite comes. To Open - Lift seal from one corner then lift other three corner then lift other three corners.

All the products of miracle ware ensure nontoxic, health hazard free, hygienic, user friendly, long life in addition to being attractive, with little care you can keep your miracle were always new

  • To prevent cuts & scratches - Avoid use of abrasive scrubbers & washing powders.
  • Stain Removal - You can use liquid soap or baking soda paste for removing stains & stickiness.
  • Liquid Seal - Only products with standard round seal are liquid tight, however always place all types of containers in an upright position.
  • Hot food & beverages - Allow the hot food items attain ambient temperature before placing them in the container & than seal them.
  • Cleaning & storing - wash & rinse the products with liquid soap, After Cleaning do not seal to keep them fresh.
  • Removing unpleasant Odour - Place a piece of charcoal or moist newspaper in the empty container, seal it & keep it in the fridge for minimum 12 hrs. Remove the charcoal piece/moist paper after 12 hrs. rinse it with water & get rid of unpleasant odour.
  • To obtain Optimum sealing effects - Keep the seal in hot water for few minutes, dry it completely & then apply to container while it is still warm.