Bullock Drawn

Paras Plough four Bullocks

This is new development in our plough No. 4, which is being appreciated by all using original plough No. 4. The plough is exactly similar in construction except the beam which is longer by 13" only, than the standard plough No. 4 beam. This is rather helpful in getting more depth of furrow.

Paras Balraj Plough

Assembly of iron parts and wooden beam. Construction is simple, sturdy & durable. It is useful for all soils. Also useful for ridgering. It is drawn by one pair of bullocks. Furrow : 8" deep and 10" wide it is the only plough useful to all the farmers. It is also useful in cultivation of sugar cane.

Paras Plough Ajeet

This is smallest turn wrest plough in the market. This plough is suitable for light soil and garden work and also for hillside ploughing. Requires one pair of bullocks. Furrow : 76 to 102mm (3" to 4") deep and 152 to 203 mm (6" to 8") wide.

Paras 2 bowl seed cum fertilise drill

  • Coulters can be adjusted between 9", 12", 15" & 18" for sowing.
  • At a time, with the one pair of bullocks, seeds, fertilizer & sowing can be done.
  • Seeds & fertilizers spread over, at a time, within the distance of one inch, thus effects the immediate use of fertilizer & avoid the wastage.

Paras Chaff Cutter ( Plain / Reverse Forward )

  • Folding stand of strong angle.
  • High quality casting material used for wheels & gears.
  • Good quality high carbon blades are used.
  • Easy to use due to good quality bearing.

Paras Other Bullock Drawn Products

  • Paras Balraj Ridger Plough
  • Paras Plough Kumar
  • Paras Sarayantra
  • Paras Groundnut Decorticator (Hand Operated)